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Michael Balls Love Changes Everything Aspects Of Love The Shows Must Go On! High Quality

Performances begin on 12 May 2023, with a press night on 25 May 2023. For more information and tickets, please see www.aspectsoflove.comMichael Ball said, "I'm thrilled to announce that the role of Alex in Aspects of Love will be played by Jamie Bogyo. He's tall, good looking, sings like a dream and is half my age.....I hate him! He will be amazing."

Michael Balls Love Changes Everything Aspects of Love The Shows Must Go On!

Jamie's casting was announced in a very special performance on the Ken Bruce Show on BBC Radio 2, with a Jamie and Michael teaming up to perform the iconic number, Love Changes Everything. The performance will be available to listen to later HERE.With original music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Don Black and Charles Hart, based on the novel by David Garnett and directed by Jonathan Kent, this heart-breaking story of passion, love, life and loss in post-war France and Italy, follows three generations of the Dillingham family spanning 17 years.Alex falls in love with an actress Rose and as the pair embark on a passionate affair, the unexpected arrival of Uncle George changes all their lives and those around them forever as they discover how love - in its many forms - truly does change everything.Aspects of Love at The Lyric Theatre is produced by Nica Burns, by arrangement with The Really Useful Group Limited. Further casting is yet to be announced.

In the prologue to Aspects of Love, a young Englishman, Alex, is lovestruck by a French actress, Rose. This upends his world, and he sings that "Love changes everything ... How you live and / How you die" for better or for worse. He notes that love "Makes fools of everyone" and concludes that, once love strikes, "Nothing in the / World will ever / Be the same." Musically, it is a "simple, effective three-chord piano-accompanied anthem".[6] The song became the best-known number from Aspects of Love and it "delivered yet more proof that Andrew Lloyd Webber could deliver soaring, anthemic ballads".[7]

The piece focuses on the romantic entanglements of actress Rose Vibert, her admiring fan Alex Dillingham, his underage cousin Jenny, his uncle George, and George's mistress, sculptor Giulietta Trapani, over a period of 17 years. The "aspects" of the title refers to the many forms that love takes in the show: love between couples, both as romantic infatuation and as married people; children and their parents; and hints of same-sex attraction (Giulietta and Rose).

Twelve years later at a theatre in Paris, Rose has risen to stardom and has a young lover, Hugo. Marcel and the rest of the cast celebrate the latest hit (A Month in the Country) ("Leading Lady"), but Rose insists that she must return to the villa at Pau and to her husband George and their 12-year-old daughter, Jenny. Marcel reintroduces her to the 32-year-old Alex ("At the Stage Door"). Rose is delighted and insists that he come with her to Pau. At the villa, Jenny is excited by the prospect of her mother's return. George is happy to see Alex, returning with Rose, and Jenny, who has heard much about him, meets him for the first time. Rose and George insist that Alex should stay with them ("Other Pleasures"). Meanwhile, in Venice, George's former mistress, Giulietta, ponders the meaning of stable, long-lasting love versus romantic infatuation ("There Is More to Love").

George plans his wake, insisting that there should be dancing and fun. Rose tells him that he's bound to outlive them all ("George's Study at Pau"). At a circus in Paris, George, Rose, Alex, and Jenny are celebrating Jenny's fifteenth birthday ("Journey of a Lifetime"). George becomes agitated as he watches Jenny talking with Alex ("Falling"). Later, Alex puts Jenny to bed. Jenny tries to convince him that she's really in love with him, but Alex insists that they're just cousins. Jenny falls asleep, and Alex reflects that he knows he must not love her, but cannot help loving her. George overhears Alex and is enraged, suspecting the worst. He collapses, and Alex comes out of Jenny's room to find him dead ("Jenny's Bedroom").

Rose bids Alex farewell, but then breaks down and begs Alex not to leave her. Alex, unsure of how to reply, leaves ("Anything But Lonely"). At the train station at Pau, as Alex and Giulietta wait for the train, Giulietta wonders what will happen when Jenny reaches legal majority in three years. Alex, unable to reply, reflects once more on how love changes everything ("It Won't be Long till Jenny's a Woman").

From the cobbled streets of Paris, through the French countryside to the splendours of Venice, Aspects of Love is a sweeping romantic story of passion, love, betrayal and heartbreak across three generations, where they discover how love - in its many forms - truly does change everything.

Alex falls in love with an actress Rose and as the pair embark on a passionate affair, the unexpected arrival of Uncle George changes all their lives and those around them forever as they discover how love can change everything.

From the cobbled streets of Paris to the mountains of the Pyrenees, Aspects of Love is a sweeping, epic and heart-breaking love story spanning seventeen years. Passion, desire, family ties and friendship bind six people and three generations together as they come to appreciate how love changes everything. 041b061a72


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