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Brain Challenge 3 Android _BEST_ Free Download

Searching for a brain training game that looks spectacular? Well, Blackbox is for you. This puzzle app earned an Apple Design Award thanks to its unique gameplay and minimalist aesthetic. Face off against deceptively simple brain teasers and puzzles in the form of dozens of minigames. The design is matched by the fact that this app is one of the best brain games available to download on your iPhone. iOS

Brain Challenge 3 Android Free Download

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Monument Valley might not look like most of the brain games on this list. But, the relaxing soundtrack, beautiful design, and playful gameplay make this a simple yet effective puzzle game that doubles as a meditation app. Play through several stunningly illustrated levels guiding a silent princess through M.C. Escher-esque architecture. Unlike memorization or concentration games, Monument Valley asks you to take a creative approach to puzzles. The 2014 indie mobile game even spawned a sequel and it still remains one of the most beautiful games you can download on an iPhone. iOS Android

GEIST combines the best parts of a brain game with a proper meditation app, keeping your mind calm, sharp, and focused. Play through memory and concentration games to improve your brain connectivity. Or, you can use GEIST as a way to relieve stress with simple meditation and mindfulness exercises. As with most of the apps on this list, GEIST will keep track of your performance and offer updates on your progress. The base app is free but opting for GEIST premium offers personalized workouts with brain training games tailored to your personality. iOS

There are many brain training apps for Android and iOS that will challenge your brain with different exercises to improve brain skills like memory, focus, response, multi-tasking, problem-solving, etc.

The app has both free and paid versions. You can unlock up to 21 games in the free version and exercise 3 of them every day. The pro version unlocks all brain training games and lets you practice 5 different games every day with advanced statistics.

Harder than it sounds, Brain Yoga is a simple task that you carry out with the aim of improving your hand-eye coordination, motor abilities and neural pathways. Activities can be relatively simple such as raising a different finger on each hand, to complex such as patting your head whilst rubbing your tummy. A great brain game to improve muscle memory and mental abilities. See what you can come up with and challenge your friends! Download it on Google Play here and Apple store here.


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