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What is Choice Bet? How to Play Choice Bet Effectively

For those who frequently engage in football activities, the term "choice bet" is not unfamiliar. However, for newcomers to the world of football, this concept may be entirely new. Let's explore it with 79King.

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What is Choice Bet?

Choice bet is a type of football betting where players can freely choose one or multiple types of best football tips for today that they find appealing, with the hope of achieving high rewards and a high winning ratio. What's special about choice bets is that the odds of winning are often very attractive, making it a popular option for many bettors.

However, no bet can be considered easy, so choice bets require careful evaluation, analysis, and synthesis of information before deciding on which bet offers a higher chance of winning. Choosing which bet to play requires a technical and logical process before making the final decision.

Types of Choice Bets at Bookmakers

Once you understand the concept of choice bet, you may wonder about the payout rates it offers. In this case, when participating in choice bets, you can choose one of the following betting methods at bookmakers:

Handicap Choice Bet

Players can choose handicap bets when participating in choice betting on online sports betting websites. On the bookmaker's board, you will see corresponding odds for each bet, and you have the right to choose between bets like: 1 ball choice bet, 1 3/4 ball choice bet, or 1/2 ball choice bet, ...

The amount you can receive from a Handicap Choice Bet depends on the amount you initially invest. For example, if you decide to choose a 1 1/4 handicap in the match between Man City and Real Madrid. In this match, Man City has the advantage of playing at home, so they will be in the upper door, while Real Madrid belongs to the lower door.

The odds that the bookmaker gives to Man City (upper door) are 0.98 and for Real Madrid (lower door) is 1.03. Suppose you bet $ 100 on Manchester City's victory, below are the results that can occur:

If Man City beat Real Madrid with a gap of 2 goals or more, players will win the bet. The amount of bonus that players receive when participating in the choice bet is 100 x 0.98 = $ 98.

If Man City defeats Real Madrid with a gap of exactly 1 goal, the player will lose half of the bet, meaning $ 50 for the house.

If Man City draws or loses to Real Madrid with any score when the match ends, players bet on Man City will lose all the money to the house when participating in the choice bet.

Choice Bet 1 x 2

In addition to Asian handicap bets, you can also participate in choice bets based on European betting forms. With this type of bet, you have only 3 choices: win, lose, or draw. For example, in the match between Liverpool and Tottenham, you will see the odds when participating in the choice bet:

The home team Liverpool has a ratio of 1.15.

The away team Tottenham has a ratio of 1.30.

If the two teams draw, the bookmaker provides a bonus ratio of 2.03.

There are many ways to bet on choice bets at bookmakers.

If you bet $ 100 on the home team Liverpool and they win, you will be rewarded $ 115. If you choose Tottenham and the result is correct, you will receive $ 130. If you think both teams will draw and predict correctly, you will receive $ 203.

When participating in the European style, the match result must be accurate soccer handicap tips as predicted by you. If the match result does not match your prediction when the match ends, you will lose the bet to the house.

1 Ball Handicap Bet

In addition to learning about choice bets, many people also wonder about 1 ball handicap bets in football betting. Simply put, this handicap is equivalent to the 1-ball handicap bet commonly seen at bookmakers. It is also known as a draw handicap.

The way to participate in the 1-ball handicap bet does not have any differences compared to other odds in Asian handicap bets. Therefore, when you place a bet on this bet at the house, you will have to face the following results:

In this match, the bookmaker rated France as the stronger team and set the odds for them at 0.96. Meanwhile, Germany is placed in the lower door with a bonus betting odds of 1.05. Suppose you bet 500,000 VND for France to win, here are the cases that occur:

The French team has won the German team with a goal difference of more than 2 goals. Players who placed bets on this choice bet will receive $ 500,000 after applying the odds 0.96.

In case the French team wins the German team with a goal difference of only 1 goal, the bookmaker will refund the $ 500,000 bet to the players.

If the French team draws or loses to the German team with any score, the participants will lose all the bet money.

Choice bet usually has a very high winning rate and attractive rewards

Example of a match between Ajax and Manchester United (MU)

In this premium soccer tips Ajax has the advantage of home field, so it is placed in the upper door with a betting odds of 1.02. Manchester United, playing away, is placed in the lower door with a corresponding bonus betting odds of 1.05.

For example, if you bet $ 100 for Manchester United with a 1 ball choice bet, the result will be as follows:

We hope that the article from 79King has helped everyone understand the concept of choice bet and how to analyze the betting odds. This is one of the popular types of bets, easy to understand, and you can try it once at online bookmakers to experience it.


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