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Twenty Flight Rock

"Twenty Flight Rock" is a song originally performed by Eddie Cochran in the 1956 film comedy The Girl Can't Help It, and released as a single the following year. The song was published in 1957 as written by Ned Fairchild and Eddie Cochran, by American Music Incorporated and Campbell, Connelly and Company.[1][2][3] Cochran's contribution was primarily on the music. His version is rockabilly-flavored, but artists of a variety of genres have covered the song.

Twenty Flight Rock

The song follows the twelve-bar blues format, using the device of counting upwards ("One flight, two flight, three flight, four/five, six, seven flight, eight flight, more") in the refrain in a manner similar to "Rock Around the Clock". The final verse ends on a surprisingly morbid note compared to other pop songs of the time: "All this climbin' is a-gettin' me down. They'll find my corpse draped over a rail."

Cochran appeared in the film The Girl Can't Help It performing "Twenty Flight Rock" as a tongue-in-cheek example of the supposed lack of talent required to perform rock and roll. The guitar solo was edited out in the movie. The song also featured in the film The Delinquents (1989).

But while Hank was perfectly happy making this kind of music, Eddie was getting more and more interested in the new rock and roll music that was starting to become popular, and the two of them eventually split up over actual musical differences.

Oh well, I've got a girl with a record machineWhen it comes to rockin' she's the queenWe love to dance on a Saturday nightAll alone, I can hold her tightBut she lives in a twentiest floor up townThe elevator's broken down

So I walked one, two flight, three flight, fourFive, six, seven flight, eight flight moreUp on the twelfth I started to dragFifteenth floor I'm ready to sagGet to the top, I'm too tired to rock

This track from theRock Onrecording sessions at The Manor, Oxfordshire in January 1972was finally included in the album's 2003 CD reissue.The Bunch was an ad hoc collection of Fairport family memberswho gathered together to record this collection of rock'n'roll songs.Apparently the reason behind the recording was to test the newly-openedManor Studios.


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